Threaded Sleeve Hose Stud For High-Pressure Hose KF300

A threaded sleeve and a hose stud are two components of a high-pressure hose termination. They are used to connect the high-pressure hose KF300 to the fittings and the lubrication points. The threaded sleeve is a metal ring that tightens over the hose and the stud to create a tight seal. The hose stud is a metal insert that fits into the hose and has a thread or a groove on the other end. The thread or the groove can be matched with different types of fittings.

The threaded sleeve and the hose stud for the high-pressure hose KF300 have the following specifications:
– Nominal diameter: 6 mm
– Outer diameter of the hose: 11.3 mm
– Bending radius of the hose: 50 mm
– Burst pressure of the hose: 840 bar or 12 183 psi
– Operating temperature of the hose: -40°C to +100°C or -40°F to 212°F
– Materials of the sleeve and the stud: steel
– Thread size of the stud: M6x1 or 7/16 JIC