LSL-1 Grease Injector For Single-Line Lubrication System

Higher pressure ratings than other brands, ranging from 5000 psi to 6000 psi12.
Higher grease output than other brands, up to 50% more in some cases.
They have more options and standard inclusions, such as manual lube port, cross porting bar, colour coded spectrum sleeves, and dust caps.
They have better service life than other brands, due to the use of chrome silicon valve wire springs and honed valve assembly.

O Design for single-line high pressure automatic lubrication system.
O Suitable for dispensing grease compatible up to NLGI # 2.
O Grease output is adjustable.
O Indicator pin allows convenient visual inspectionof injector operation.
O Each injector can be removed easily for inspectionor replacement.
O High quality single zinc-nickel surface treatment toachieve high corrosion resistance, to provide full protection in high corrosion environment.