P301 2L Grease Lubrication Pump For Progressive System

The P301 is a versatile, compact and economical pump that can deliver grease and oil to various types of machinery and equipment. It can supply up to 150 lubrication points, depending on the line length. It has a modular design that allows you to choose from different reservoir sizes, controller options, power types and pump elements. It also has a smart controller that monitors the system performance and alerts you of any issues or errors. The P301 lubrication pump can withstand harsh conditions and heavy-duty use.

The P301 lubrication pump is a device that can deliver lubricant to multiple points in a machine or system. It is designed to work with progressive lubrication systems, which distribute the lubricant in a sequential order through metering valves. The P301 lubrication pump has the following features and benefits:
– It is versatile, compact and economical, making it suitable for various applications and environments.
– It can supply up to 150 lubrication points, depending on the line length and the type of lubricant used.
– It consists of a housing with integrated motor, reservoir with stirring paddle, pump element with pressure-relief valve, filling nipple and electrical connection parts.
– It can be equipped with up to three pump elements, each with a different output rate, to meet the lubrication needs of different components.
– It can be configured with optional control boards that allow different operating settings, such as adjustable pause and lubrication time, low-level signal, and emergency lubrication function.
– It can be operated with either DC or AC power supply, and has a protection class of IP6K9K, which means it is resistant to dust and water ingress.
– It can be mounted vertically, with a bracket for fixing the pump and the main metering device.
– It can be used with grease up to NLGI 2 or oil with operating viscosity of 40–1500 mm2/s.
– It can handle a maximum operating pressure of 350 bar (5075 psi) at the outlet of the pump element.
– It can be filled from the top or the bottom, and has a range of reservoir sizes from 2 to 15 liters (0.53 to 3.96 gallons).
– It can be connected to various accessories, such as pressure relief valves, adapters, fittings, and hoses.
The P301 lubrication pump is a reliable and efficient solution for lubrication management. It can help reduce friction, wear, and maintenance costs, and extend the service life of the machine or system.


P301 dimensions

Printed Circuit Board

• The printed circuit board automatically controls the sequence of the pause and operating times of the model P300 central lubrication pump as a function of the vehicle or machine working hours tB (Fig.1).
• The sequence of the pause and operating times is activated when the machine contact or driving switch is switched on.

P203 Time sequence diagram

tB – Working hours
T – Lubrication cycle
tP – Various pause times
T1 – Stored pause times
T2 – Operating times
• A lubrication cycle consists of one pause time and one operating time.Once the pause time has elapsed, the operating time starts to run.This lubrication cycle is repeated permanently after the machine or vehicle has been put into operation. Refer to Fig. 2.
• During the operating time the pump element dispenses the lubricant to the lubrication points via progressive metering devices.